Submission Guidelines for the Journal of Environmental and Tourism Education

The Journal of Environmental and Tourism Education welcomes submissions from researchers, educators, environmentalists, teachers, school administrators, and stakeholders in the field of Environment and Education. If you wish to have your manuscript considered for publication, please follow the guidelines below:

  1. Manuscript Format:

    • Manuscripts should be submitted in MS Word format and follow the APA Style guidelines.
    • Diagrams and figures should be provided in PICT, JPEG, GIF, or TIFF format.
  2. Manuscript Submission:

    • Submissions can be sent by mail to the following address: The Editor, Journal of Environmental and Tourism Education, Departments of Environmental Education, Faculty of Education, University of Calabar, Nigeria, PMB 1115.
    • Alternatively, manuscripts can be submitted via email as an attachment to
  3. Author Information:

    • Include the names of all authors, their affiliations, addresses, email addresses, and phone numbers.
  4. Originality:

    • Submissions should represent original work that has not been previously published and is not currently under consideration for publication elsewhere.
  5. Word Limit and Abstract:

    • Manuscripts should not exceed 8,000 words.
    • Include an abstract of no more than 250 words summarizing the key points of the paper.
  6. Publication Schedule:

    • The Journal of Environmental and Tourism Education publishes two issues per year, usually in June and November.
    • Accepted papers will be published in the next available issue after the review and revision process.

Please adhere to these guidelines to ensure your manuscript is considered for publication in the Journal of Environmental and Tourism Education. For any further inquiries or clarifications, please contact the Editor at

We look forward to receiving your valuable contributions in the field of environmental and tourism education.