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This study adopted descriptive  survey design to investigate   perceived    difficult    area   in geometry   among  secondary   school   student s’    in   Urue  Offong-Oruko  Local  Government  Area  of   Akwa  Ibom  State, Nigeria..  It was guided by two research questions and two null hypotheses.  A sample of there  hundred (300)  out of  population  of  one thousand  two hundred  and thirty  two (1232)   SS2 students  was selected from  5 public secondary  schools using the simple random sampling technique and  proportionate   sample techniques. One instrument titled  Perceived Difficult Geometry Concepts in Mathematics(PDCCM)  was   used for data collection.  The reliability of the questionnaire established using Cronbach Alpha gives ,87. The hypothesis one  was tested using  population t-test  while  hypothesis two was  tested using  independent  t-test both at .05 level of significance. The findings of the study revealed that the   degree  of   geometry concepts   perceived  difficult  by the  secondary school students   is  significantly high and  there was a significant   difference in   geometry concepts perceived difficult  between  male and female secondary   school students. It therefore  concluded  that  there is a high  degree  of   geometry concepts   perceived  difficult  which   male  students  perceived  geometry  concepts  more  difficult  than  their female counterparts in  public secondary schools. Based on the findings of this study, it was recommended amongst others that the identified difficult geometry concepts in mathematics by the students should be taught by using appropriate teachers’ method of instruction.


Geometry concepts perceived difficult area secondary school student

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