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This study examined the influence of science teachers’year of teaching experience on technological pedagogical content knowledge in Calabar Education Zone, of Cross River State, Nigeria. The independent variable is science teachers’ year of teaching experience while the dependent variable is technological pedagogical content knowledge (TPACK). One research question and one null hypothesis was formulated to give direction to the study. A reliable and well validated research instrument titled “Science Teachers’ Teaching Experience and Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge Questionnaire” (STETPACK) was used for the study. The study adopted survey design and census sampling technique was used to adopt the whole population(406 respondents) as sample for the study. Mean score was used to answer the research question while the hypothesis was tested using One Way Analysis of Variance (ANOVA). The results of the analysis indicated that there is no significant influence of year of teaching experience on teachers’ technological pedagogical content knowledge in public secondary schools in Calabar education zone, Cross River State. Based on the findings of the study, it was recommended amongst others that workshopand seminars should be organised regularly for secondary school teachers on TPACK to boost their integration of technology in the classroom.



Science teachers years of teaching experience technological pedagogical and content knowledge Calabar education zone.

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