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The main purpose of this study was to examine the influence of human activities on biodiversity in southern Cross River State. To achieve this study two research question was posed and two null hypothesis was formulated to guide the study and was tested at 0.5level of significance. The study adopted ex-post factor design. The population of study is eight hundred and six (806), a sample of 403 community member was used. The instrument for data collection was 12 items questionnaires (HABLQ) served as the instrument for data collection. One way analysis of variance (ANOVA) satisfied technique was used for data analysis of data analysis of data revealed that, intensity of bush burning, mining activities has a significant influence on biodiversity in southern Cross River State. Based on this finding revealed that the variable under study significantly influenced biodiversity. The following recommendations were made: Environmental Education awareness should be promoted, biodiversity conservation, environmental impact assessment must be carried out in any given area before mining activities.



Human activities biological diversity biological diversity loss

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