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This study adopted pretest -post test control quasi experimental design  to examine  the  effects of  song based    instructional  strategy  on   Mathematics   achievement     of  primary school  pupils’   in  Calabar South   of  Cross River State, Nigeria. Two research questions   were posed which were   translated   into two null hypotheses. Purposive sampling and  simple random sampling   techniques    was  used  to select  two   co-educational   schools  of   which  a  sample of  sixty  two(62)   primary  four    pupils 32  pupils  for  experimental  group  (15  males  and  17  females) and 30 pupils for control group (14 males and 16 females) and used     for  the study.  One   instruments titled “Mathematics Achievement Test (MAT) which used as Pre-Test (PREMAT), and Post-Test (POSTMAT) was developed by the researcher and validated by experts was used for data collection. The reliability of the Mathematics  Achievement  Test (MAT), established using Kuder-Richardson formula 20 (KR–20) after subjecting the instruments to a trial test of 30 primary four  pupils who are not part of the sample for the study but have relevant qualities as those in the study gives  .89.  The research questions were answer   using descriptive statistics (mean) and the hypotheses were tested using One Way Analysis of Covariance for hypothesis two. The two analyses were tested at .05 level of significance. The findings of the study revealed that there is a significant difference between the mean  Mathematics    achievement  scores  of primary  school  pupils who were taught   using song based  instructional strategy  and those taught without   using  song based  instructional strategy , also  Male and female  pupils  do significantly differ in their mean mathematics academic  score  when taught   using  song  based instructional  strategy.  It was therefore concluded that achievement of   pupils in Mathematics depend   on effective   use of song in   teaching and   learning of Mathematics in primary schools.  Based on this, it was recommended amongst   others that song based instructional strategy should be adopted in teaching    pupils    in primary   schools   in order   to enhance their academic achievement   in  Mathematics.



gender instructional strategy mathematics achievement song based

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