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This study ascertains the quality of well water samples from wells in four communities (Turun, Dass road, Nassarawa Jahun and Gombe road) around auto-mechanic clusters within Bauchi Local Government Area using standard methods. The collected samples were analyzed for heavy metals associated with auto-mechanic facilities (Mn, Cu, Pb, Cr and Cd). The measured parameters were compared to the Nigerian Standard for Drinking Water Quality (NSDWQ) limits in order to ascertain its suitability for drinking and other domestic use. Heavy metal concentrations were found to be within the NSDWQ acceptable limits for drinking water with the exception of Cr and Mn concentrations which in most cases exceeded the NSDWQ limits of 0.05mg/L and 0.2mg/L respectively in some of the samples. There was no trace of Pb in any of the samples and Cu was within the permissible limit in all the samples. Mn was within permissible limits except in Dass road and Nassarawa Jahun where it was above limits. Cr was above limits in most of the cases except with few samples from Dass road. The results indicated that the activities taking place at the mechanic workshops have affected the level of heavy metal concentrations of well water in the areas. High level of Mn and Cr in the water samples calls for urgent attention because of the health risk associated with the high level of these metals.



Residential areas well water water quality auto mechanic heavy pollutants

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