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The main thrust of this study was to verify predictors of physical and health education as a course of study among secondary school students in Calabar Municipality, Cross River State, Nigeria. To achieve the purpose of this study, two null hypotheses were formulated and tested at .05 level of significance. Literature was carried out based on the variables of the study. Survey research design was adopted for the study. Simple random sampling technique was employed to select the eight public schools while systematic sampling technique was adopted to select the two hundred and fifty six respondents used for the study. A structured questionnaire was used for data collection, which was properly vetted by experts to ensure its validity. To test the hypotheses formulated for the study, Pearson product moment correlation was used for data analysis. The result obtained from data analysis and hypotheses testing revealed that there was a significant relationship between peer influence, availability of trained teachers and attitude of students towards the study of Physical and Health Education as a course in the study area. Based on the findings obtained in the study it was recommended among others that school authorities should ensure that only trained and qualified teachers are recruited, trained and retrained in order to boost their competencies and enhance students’ interest in the study of Physical and Health Education.


Predictors Physical and Health Education Availability Gender

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